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You’re having a great time flowing through the dunes. You have three of your best friends (or substitute family members for friends) in the UTV with you. You come over the ridge of a dune knowing you’ve been over this spot countless times. Unfortunately, this time there is a Witch’s Eye staring up at you. Despite your best efforts to avoid it, your front tire goes down and you roll.

Everyone seems to be okay until the friend sitting behind you indicates his arm really hurts. He can’t move it. You know he is hurt badly. This is a guy who never complains of pain. How did his arm get hurt? As the UTV rolled, he did what everyone knows not to do, but something that is a natural and instinctive reaction; he put his hand outside the UTV to keep his head from smacking the ground. While doing so, the roll bar crushed his arm.

Hospital x-rays indicate he has multiple fractures in his arm. He is worried about how he will pay for the medical bills to cover the upcoming surgeries. You explain that you recently purchased both liability and uninsured motorist coverage on your UTV sufficient to cover his damages.

As a good friend, you tell him to immediately call (833) 4-UTVLAW or go to and let the UTV lawyers work with your insurance company to get his medical bills paid, his lost income recovered, and to obtain compensation for the pain and suffering he is (and will) experience. (Note: See What to Expect from the Insurance Company to learn why it is important to call the attorneys are UTVlaw immediately after an injury accident).

At first, your friend is hesitant to make a claim against your insurance company because he doesn’t want to cause friction in the friendship. Being a good friend, you say something like, “Dude, that’s what insurance is for. I made a mistake and I have insurance to make sure anyone hurt due to my mistakes is covered.” You explain to your friend that the lawyers at UTVlaw will make sure the insurance company takes care of them.

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