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OHV or MC Plates?

In Arizona, is it legal to ride on a dirt road with OHV plates? Yes…and….No. Arizona has six (6) different National Forest areas that range from the high pine trees to the scenic desert regions.   http://www.americansouthwest.net/arizona/national-forests.html.  These...

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What to Expect from the Insurance Company

As soon as the insurance company learns you were injured in a UTV accident, they will want to record your recollection of what occurred in the accident. Generally speaking, the adjuster who speaks with you will sound very kind and compassionate. Don’t be fooled! This...

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I Don’t Want to File a Lawsuit

I wish I had a dollar for everyone injured in an accident, but who told me they weren’t sure they wanted to hire an attorney because “I’m not a litigious person; I don’t want to file a lawsuit.” It is a very rare person who comes into our office that actually wants to...

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Friends Tell Friends About UTVlaw

You’re having a great time flowing through the dunes. You have three of your best friends (or substitute family members for friends) in the UTV with you. You come over the ridge of a dune knowing you’ve been over this spot countless times. Unfortunately, this time...

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Danger at the Dunes! How to Keep It Safe and Legal

“Where there is great power there is great responsibility” Winston Churchill 1906 Like the dunes? We love them! Few things cause a stronger adrenaline rush than running a huge bowl or climbing Competition Hill. The dunes and the machines at the dunes have sure changed...

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Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

  Duty to protect your children and the neighbors   The proverbial “long arm of the law” is indeed long and extends to all 50 states as it applies to a person’s duty to others under their care. Negligence laws in all 50 states make it clear that a driver of...

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